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The accommodation in the houses is simple – meditators are provided with what is essential: a bed, a meditation seat, an altar, shelves, running water, a small gas cooker, a wood-burning heater, a shower and a toilet. Some of the houses have an indoor toilet and some an outdoor one; however, in the main house (what we call the cortijo) you will find showers with hot water. There are also some houses without electricity, where one must use candles or gas lamps.

Although at first glance it might seem rough to not have access to your usual comforts, when you actually try it, you might find that simplifying your life makes it easier to look inwards.The food provided is lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Every day we place a basket containing prepared meals for the whole day close to the house. If you’re a Buddhist, you should bring whatever you need for setting up your own altar (offering bowls, statues, etc.). It is also very important to bring a torch (flashlight).

There is a well-stocked library and a small shop where you can buy incense, candles, books and other articles you need for your retreat: if you need anything else you can ask in the office.We would like to emphasize the importance of having received instructions and advice from a qualified teacher concerning the practice to be done during the retreat.


Houses must be rented for a minimum of one week. For longer retreats (six months or longer) you will need references from a teacher confirming that you have the necessary preparation.

You must follow the centre’s rules if you choose to do the retreat in a more open format.

Please leave the house as clean as you found it. Also, if you damage anything in the house, please pay for it at the end.
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